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Free space Optics Designer



Pleasanton, CA, USA
Posted on Thursday, March 30, 2023
Atonarp is advancing clinical diagnostics, life science research, and industrial process control through next-generation digital molecular profiling. In-situ molecular profiling in semiconductor or pharmaceutical manufacturing means higher throughput, improved efficiency, and reduced waste. Disease diagnosis and monitoring at the point-of-care in real-time can improve outcomes and patient satisfaction at lower cost.
Powered by a unifying software platform and breakthrough innovations in multi-laser optical spectroscopy and mass spectrometer technology, Atonarp products deliver real-time, actionable, comprehensive molecular profiling data that supports a broad range of applications across the semiconductor, life sciences, pharmaceutical, and clinical diagnostics industries.
Founded in 2009, Atonarp is a team of over 100 people across locations in Japan, India, and the U.S., led by a world-class team of experts in the development and commercialization of complex instruments. Today, Atonarp is in an exciting growth phase we expand the development of our technology, commercial and administrative teams, and partner ecosystems that will help bring to market an array of industry-redefining products.
· Technical development of the femtosecond fiber oscillator and amplifier products
· Make individual technical contributions to the design and characterization of breadboard and prototype ultrafast lasers systems.
· Provide individual technical ideas and solutions to the design and characterization of breadboard and prototype laser systems.
· Provide expertise in broadband nonlinear frequency generation methods in SWIR, harmonic generation (SHG, SFG) and nonlinear crystals.
· Provide expertise in Ultra-fast pulse compression and dispersion management.
· Provide on-going product support to manufacturing, marketing, sales, and service.
Contribute to reviewing and developing the standard operation procedure (SOP) of building, testing, and verifying the light source generation for the production phase

Required Skill

  • MS or Ph.D. in physics, optics, or engineering
  • 8+ years of laser engineering or related experience

Preferred Skills

  • Strong understanding and optical alignment experience of a laser system containing fiber laser and free space nonlinear optics.
  • Expert in hands on optical components alignments using glued mounts.
  • Drive performance improvement in supercontinuum light source generation
  • Strong experience in design and characterization of breadboard and prototype laser systems
  • Experience in translating prototype design to manufacturable product is critical.
  • Expert in broadband nonlinear frequency generation methods in SWIR region
  • Strong troubleshooting and root cause analysis skills
  • Strong expertise in ultrafast laser pulses synchronization
  • Experience in pulse propagation modeling and hands-on verification
  • Strong laboratory skills, including, data collection, data analysis, technical writing, and presentation skills.
  • Experience in writing step by step laser build instructions for production floor technicians